UTOPIAE will be the first training network that addresses the challenge of finding the ideal compromise between enhancing reliability and safety and reducing resource utilisation. 

17th Oct 2017

UTOPIAE will build upon the existing theoretical and practical developments in the areas of UQ and Optimisation and will incorporate elements of past and current EU and non-EU projects with the inclusion of Stanford University and partners that are in UMRIDA

From the control of manufacturing processes to air traffic management, from decision making on multi-phase programmes to space situational awareness, UQ plays a key role to deliver reliable solutions. At the same time optimised solutions have become a necessity and optimisation is now an essential tool to handle the complexity of our world. Different sectors and communities, deal with uncertainties and optimisation in different forms often equivalent or complementary.

Even more interesting is the fine line separating sensitivity analysis and stochastic optimisation. UTOPIAE will look into all these similarities and, by promoting cross fertilisation, will exploit the intimate relationship between optimisation and UQ to make Optimisation Under Uncertainty (OUU) tractable.


The Opening Training School (OTS) is the first network-wide training event. Attendance is required for all partners and new researchers, with an opportunity for individuals external to UTOPIAE to attend.

The goal of the school is to introduce the researchers to the research and techniques to allow them to develop fundamental mathematical methods and algorithms to bridge the gap between Uncertainty Quantification and Optimisation and between Probability Theory and Imprecise Probability Theory for Uncertainty Quantification, and to efficiently solve high-dimensional, expensive and complex engineering problems.

Social activities are also planned, as this is the first time the whole network, including the new researchers, will have a chance to meet. Teamwork is vital for the success of the network, both as a research tool and for training. As the network is spread out over Europe, at 15 different institutions, events like the training schools are important to help everyone get to know each other.

The school will also coincide with the first network meeting, to be held during the course of the week. 

Register online here. If you would like further information on this event or UTOPIAE please contact massimiliano.vasile@strath.ac.uk


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Posted By Admin,  Posted on 17th Oct 2017