A Challenge Note was produced by ENCORE in August 2017. This paper has two roles:

1] Respond to the request from EPSRC for our views on how future funding might be shaped relating to Complexity Science and Resilience.

2] Act as a working paper for the preparation of the ENCORE Challenge Paper. 

The paper outlines the main challenges and opportunities identified by the ENCORE network as of June 2017, almost half way through the grant period. It has been prepared by a group of industrial and academic partners. The objective is to be industry facing, indeed most of the contributions have come from the industry partners. We elaborate on the main discussion points in complex engineering systems (CES) and their resilience before summarising the associated challenges and opportunities on which the UK research community should focus in the future if we are to exploit the fields of complexity science in making Complex Engineering Systems more resilient.

In exploring this space, we have found discussions circulating around the relationship between system performance, robustness and resilience. Perspectives vary and are strongly influenced by spatial and temporal parameters and definitions of system boundaries. Nevertheless, there is broad consensus that a focus upon improving resilience leads to improvements in overall systemic performance. This is a point made most strongly by our industrial collaborators and as such is a guiding principle of these recommendations.


The Challenge Paper is the third in a series of papers produced by ENCORE, which highlight the challenges confronting the research community in applying theoretical insights from complexity science for the improvement of the resilience of complex engineered systems. The paper has been prepared by a group of professionals having a variety of industry experience, in collaboration with the wider membership of the ENCORE Network community. 

The paper will be availabe to download shortly. 


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