Name - Establishment - Research Area - Details
Prof. Chris Rogers   University of Birmingham   Complex Engineering Systems   PI of the Liveable Cities Programme Grant
Prof. Richard Dawson   Newcastle University   Complex Engineering Systems   Internationally recognised for research on infrastructure and urban systems modelling
Prof. Michael Batty    UCL   Complex Engineering Systems   An architect‐planner who has pioneered the application of the complexity sciences to the growth and development of city systems.
Prof. Jim Hall   University of Oxford   National Infrastructure   A member of the Committee on Climate Change Adaptation and leader of ITRC.
Prof. Brian Collins   UCL   National Infrastructure   Director of the Centre for Engineering Policy and ICIF. He previously acted as CSA to two government departments.
Prof. Erol Gelenbe   Imperial College London   Communications & data networks   Europe’s leading scientist in the performance of complex computer and network systems, elected to five national academies.
Dr. Lyudmila Mihaylova   University of Sheffield   Communications & data networks   A Reader in Advanced Signal Processing and Control specialising in Bayesian methods, nonlinear filtering, statistical signal processing and data fusion. 
Prof. Visakan Kadirkamanathan   University of Sheffield   Aerospace   Director of the Rolls‐Royce supported University Technology Centre in Control and Systems Engineering.
Prof. Marin Guenov   Cranfield University   Aerospace   Head of the Centre for Aeronautics and a globally renowned expert in future aircraft configurations, and advanced modelling and simulation concepts such as the Digital Behavioural Aircraft.
Prof. Mark Price   Queen's University Belfast   Aerospace   Professor of Aeronautics and Head of the School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering. 
Prof. Nick Jenkins   Cardiff University   Energy Systems   Leads a research group investigating the development and operation of integrated energy supply systems across various scales from local to trans‐national.
Prof. Seth Bullock   University of Southampton   Complexity Science Community    A leading UK complexity scientist and Director of the Institute for Complex Systems Simulation.
Prof. Nilay Shah   Imperial College London   Complexity Science Community    Director of the Centre for Process Systems Engineering, a research centre with 28 academics and over 100 researchers working on model‐based systems engineering.
Prof. Daniel Coca   University of Sheffield   Complexity Science Community    A leading expert in nonlinear and complex systems and Acting Director of the Centre for Signal Processing and Complex Systems.
Dr. Matthias Troffaes   Durham University   Complexity Science Community    An expert in uncertainty modelling, risk, and decision making, with applications in engineering andenvironmental sciences.
Prof. Frank Coolen   Durham University   Complexity Science Community    An expert research on the development of statistical methodologies using imprecise probability with specific interest in applications in reliability.
Prof. Wandi Bruine de Bruin    University of Leeds   Natural Complexity Community   Co‐director of the Centre for Decision Research at the University of Leeds.
Prof. Brooke Rogers   King’s College London   Natural Complexity Community    A leading UK psychologist on risk perception, risk communication and extreme events. She chairs the Cabinet Office Behavioural Science Expert Group (BSEG) for the National Risk Assessment (NRA) and National Security Risk Assessment (NSRA)
Prof. Nigel Gilbert   University of Surrey   Natural Complexity Community   Director of the Centre for Research in Social Simulation at the University of Surrey. He specialises in the application of agent‐based modelling to understand social systems and behaviour.
Prof. Lenny Smith   LSE   Climate Systems   A globally renowned expert in the mathematics of non‐linear dynamics and the development of coherent decisionmaking frameworks.
Prof. Andrew Sterling   University of Sussex   Climate Systems   A government advisor on issues concerning uncertainty, complexity and power in the global politics of science, technology and innovation.
Prof. J. Doyne Farmer   University of Oxford   Economy   A leading UK complexity scientist and Director of Complexity Economics, with particular expertise in applications of complex systems to economics.
Prof. Dave Cliff    University of Bristol   Economy   Head of the Systems Research Group and a leading expert on adaptive automated trading systems.
Prof. Jon Timmis    University of York   Biological Systems   The Director of York Robotics Lab and Co‐Director of York Computational Immunology Lab. He has extensive experience of working across immunology and computation with a focus on modelling and simulation. 
Prof. Bob May   University of Oxford   Biological Systems   Previous CSA to UK government, is a world renowned scientist with expertise in the structure and dynamics of systems and their response to disturbance.
Prof. Nigel Stocks   University of Warwick   Biological Systems   Head of the School of Engineering and the leader of the Stochastic and Complex Systems Laboratory (SCSL).
Prof. Michael Balikhin   University of Sheffield   Space Weather   The head of the Space System Laboratory and a leading scientist in the application of systems science methodology to the forecast of space weather.


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