The ENCORE Early Career Network (ECN) aims to provide support to researchers in the early stages of their career in Engineering. 

The Network provides a platform for mentoring, practical careers advice and the dissemination of information, knowlegde and resources. Through events and meetings it also provides networking opportunities for early careers researchers to meet their peers, to share ideas and experiences, and initiate collaborations.

By joining our dedicated Network you will receive the full support and guidance from the Management Team. We aim to be inclusive and responsive to the needs of early career researchers and would encourage you to contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions on the type of events ot activities you would like the Network to organise 

The Community 

A list of our current Early Career Network members is below:

Name Institution
Dr Matthew Hawes University of Sheffield
Dr Meysam Qadrdan Cardiff University
Dr Sarah Dunn Newcastle University
Dr Rachel Freeman University of Manchester
Dr Annalisa Riccardi Strathclyde University
Dr Hongjian Sun Durham University 
Chris Bouch Birmingham University 
Jonathan Ward Birmingham University
Chris Deeks Warwick University
Katherine Lovell University of Sussex
John Oyekan Cranfield University
Gianluca Filippi Strathclyde University


If you are a member of the network and have either a doctural student, post doc or new lecturer who would be interested in becoming part of the community then please get in touch via email: 

Meetings usually take the form of presentations, debates and collaborative proposal writing. Any travel associated costs will be funded by ENCORE. Access to network activiites are open to the ECN and events would be seen as additional methods to help early career members participate in areas such as feasibility proposals, grant capture and network sustainability beyond grant funding. 

We welcome suggestions for other activites and observations on how tbest to make ENCORE responsive to ideas from the academic community of the future. 

ENCORE recently opened a call specifically for the ECN, more information on this can be found on our Projects page. 

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