Understanding interdependencies within critical infrastructures is of crucial importance for understanding resilience, risks and the potential for failure propagation at different levels affecting general populations, economies and possibly national security. Yet our understanding of critical infrastructure independencies is spread across and shaped by different disciplinary frameworks and models. Rinaldi and Peerenboom in 2001 provided arguably the most influential classification structure, pointing to physical, cyber, logical and geographic types of interdependency. Yet understanding between fields such as policy studies, planning, economics and engineering research will not only draw on different examples of which some interdependencies will be treated as more important than others , but will indeed use different models for understanding interdependencies.

To address issues of resilience and prevent failures, it is necessary to ensure collaboration and an interdisciplinary, cross-sector framework of understanding at a systemic level involving multiple stakeholders covering energy, telecommunications, transport, waste and water infrastructures. This workshop will bring together practice and research in order to discuss and collaborate on developing an emerging understanding of interdependencies at a systematic level, with a view to constructing a ‘common language’ for the conceptualisation and management of critical infrastructure interdependencies.

The workshop hosted by ENCORE CO-PI Prof. Liz Varga presented a thought-provoking ideas which was discussed at work-shop level and at break-out level allowing attendees from different sectors and disciplines to freely put forward their views and suggest examples demonstrating both success and failure to understand interdependencies.

Venue: Imperial College London , 58 Prince’s Gate London, SW7 2PG, 25th January, 10:30-16:00

Guest Speaker: Richard Ploszek (Engineering Infrastructure Specialist, Infrastructure and Projects Authority)


10:30 Arrive – coffee/tea

11:00 Welcome – Liz Varga

11:05 Key note – Richard Ploszek - infrastructure interdependencies

11:40 Interdependencies – a literature review – Warren Greig

12:10 Panel discussion - Richard Ploszek, Liz Varga, Jennifer Whyte, Neil Carhart, Simon Jude, Warren Greig

With 5 minute thought pieces from each followed by audience Q&A

13:00 Lunch and networking

14:00 Break out tables (5 x 6) (coffee available)

15:15 Plenary feedback from tables

15:45 Discussion and next steps

16:00 Close


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